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We have a fairly dark living room in which we decided to work on a bold, contemporary style by painting the walls a darker red with accent walls being painted grey.

The problem is that this is a bit too dark now, especially for the lack of natural light we get due to the direction the windows and doors in the room face.  

Our furniture is all in the neutral beige family, with beige carpet to boot!  The major hurdle we face is a Turkish Kilm (carpet) we've hanging on the wall, with deep reds and blue with a neutral off-white backing.

Are there any colors we can use to brighten up this space?  We're leaning towards a softer, more yellow red, almost pushing orange but worry about conflicting with the carpet.  We'd like to keep some color on the walls, but realize this may not be an option.

Any advice as to which direction we should turn to pick a color out?  Thanks!


Thanks for writing.

If you are trying to go for that contemorary color, the hotest thing right now is pale colors on the walls. Choose some of these colors are put them next to your kilm to see if they look good: Pale yellow, blue, brown, and off white/cream.

Also, the orange sounds ok too...again, stick with the pale cool tones. Nothing overwhelming!

Another trick is to put 10% of your wall color into your white ceiling paint to bring that tone into the ceiling. This can be done at most paint stores by simpily asking just that.

Good luck.


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