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My family room is adjacent to the eat-in kitchen, which has goldish-beigy wallpaper.  Glass table is in the kitchen with chocolate brown leather chairs.  I want to paint the walls in the family room to give this area life.  My sofa and love seat are stone color.  Fireplace in the family room is hunter green.  What color do you suggest I paint my walls and what color should window treatments be?


Thanks for writing.

Well, good news is that you can be very open with color due to your furniture being so neutral.

For a darker and warmer feel, try a maroon, purple, or pick up that green from the fireplace. You may also consider just doing one accent wall in one of these colors and doing the rest of the walls a neutral color such as cream or taupe.

For a cooler and more contemporary look, stick to those pastel colors that are so hot right now. Try cool and plae blues, purples, browns, and creams.

As far as window treatments, you may want to pick up the color from your walls in some print. Strips are big right now as well as simple solids hung on a large rode with straight panels off to each side that drop to the floor.

Good Luck.


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