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Hi! After looking at boring white for far too long, I just recently painted my living/dining room (ca. 30 sq.m. in size). The two long walls are now a golden yellow, the two short walls (window on one wall, patio door on the other) a complementary yellow-orange. I was hoping this would go well with my teak dining table and chairs (which are on the patio door end of the room), and so far I like the look but now I am stuck with deciding what colour the living room furniture should be on the other (window-)side of the room). Should I invest in a teak couch table and TV-unit or some other colour wood? And would a red leather couch be out of place? Or would black work better? What colour of accessories should I consider? I am hoping for a somewhat modern look, but not "Bauhaus"-style. Thanks in advance for your help!!

If you like the teak furnishings that you have, then adding more teak to that would be terrific.  It's not a "must" however.  Woods do not have to match.  They should coordinate, but that (with teak) leaves the arena wide open!  

In considering your furniture pieces, especially your large ticket items like leather couches and tables, consider them as long term investments.  Red leather is beautiful, and it may be something you would cherish for many years, but if you're in doubt, don't.  You don't want to be replacing furniture when you change paint colors.

If your question is whether red or black would look better with the color scheme, again, you can use either.  I'd opt for accents of color opposites, like blue with yellow; green with red etc.  

Hope this answer doesn't leave you in a quandry, but puts your "thinking" cap on instead!


PS:  I personally love red with yellow :>) but don't know if I'd want to live with it long term.

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