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I am onto the 'choosing curtains' stage in decorating our living room and need help.  The room has yellowy/cream walls with white window frames, dark brown furniture (tables & sofas) and an aubergine/purple carpet.  This is a longish room, one end has a bay window & the other is french doors (with little windows either side.  What colour could I choose so that the room looks big but without making it darker (especially as the furniture is dark).  I kind of want it to look fresh.  Also, should I choose a pattern on the curtain..the rest of the room is block colours.  Hope you can help & thanks.

Hi Emma,
I dont think you meant to send me this question twice,
But if you do want me to answer again just say so and mail me, its not a problem.
I hope my first reply to you helped you out a bit.
And if you do need anymore help with your rooms please feel free to write to me again.
Have fun.

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