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I am onto the 'choosing curtains' stage in decorating our living room and need help.  The room has yellowy/cream walls with white window frames, dark brown furniture (tables & sofas) and an aubergine/purple carpet.  This is a longish room, one end has a bay window & the other is french doors (with little windows either side.  What colour could I choose so that the room looks big but without making it darker (especially as the furniture is dark).  I kind of want it to look fresh.  Also, should I choose a pattern on the curtain..the rest of the room is block colours.  Hope you can help & thanks.

Hi Emma, im very sorry for the delay in your reply but i had a power failure while i was right in the middle of your letter.
Your rooms sounds very nice.
I think you should go for white curtains, maybe with like a marble effect on it.
Getting some with squares of the aubergine in small amounts on them would be nice.
I do use the dulux websites paint a virtual room facility to aid me in some of my projects, so that might help you too.
But at the end of the day it is your house and it depends on your style, it is your home and it needs to feel like that to you, so make sure you like it before you buy it.
I hope ive been of some help to you, and if you need anything else please contact me again, im always here.
Happy hunting and have fun.

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