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Hello KD, I have some old window curtains I'd like to replace. I'm using drawstring curtains. The stores in town all use these new pull curtains on round rods. Do you know of any web sites that sell the kind of curtains I want? Thanks.

Hello Steve ,

   I believe you are looking for "Ready made draperies" -or- "Custom made draperies" . Drawstring curtains .. are you asking about panels on a traversing rod that open and close by pulling on the loop cord fastened to a tension pulley ? Do the existing panels have hooks at the top ?
And when the panels are closed is the rod completely covered by the panel . Panels are same as Draperies . The pull curtains on round rods as you are seeing actually use the same style panels with the exception of pin set location and also that the space between the pleats [at the very top of the panel] are folded back if the top of the panel is hanging below the rod ..  versus the space between the pleats are folded forward when the top of the panel is covering the rod and above about 1/2" .
 Type into Google or you search engine box : Ready made draperies and select a few websites look and navigate at those websites that make ready made draperies . You may see the rod you are using a panel you recognize there . The lingo will lose you perhaps , but I can still help . Keep me posted and ask me what you can .


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