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I just recently stained my foundation with conrete stain. They are a dark brown ( but not a uniform color). My room is very dark now, and I would like some suggestions on different colors I can paint my walls to lighten up the room. I would like to do different colors such as one wall one color, another wall a different color. I would alos like to get creative. I am up for any suggestions, oh and also I am looking for area rugs to lighten up the room, any suggestions on that ( colors?)( do I have to stay with brown since that is my floor color?) thanks for you help.  


Hi.Thanks for wiritng.

Sence you have the brown floors, which are pretty dramatic, you would be best to stay with brown accent colors. You aren't going to problaly like what I have to say next, but brown is a very hard color to work with when you have that much of it and it is so prelivant in a space. My suggestion is to pick one wall color and a trim color and then bring in more colors with things such as rugs and pictures. A perfect color with the floors would be a pale pastel like sky blue color. This would brighten up the space and open up the  space as well. For trim, go with a creamy white.

For rugs, check out as well as for some great priced rugs in fun colors and patterns.

Good luck. Ben

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