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our main sitting room will be neutral wall colours - some variation of cream but i want to make a statement with dark walnut flooring. Thing is i am having trouble picking out what colour suite of furniture i should go with, do i go light or dark, fabric or leather - everything i'm  looking at i'm wondering will it REALLY go with the walnut - i'm nearly thinking of chaning the flooring to a lighter wood! Your help would be greately appreciated. Kind regards Ellen

i think the strong dark walnut is a great choice. all of the options you mentioned would work in the situation. i would make sure if you choose wood furniture that the woods will blend well together. if the floor has a true walnut color then a wood furniture suite with to much red in it may look wrong. i suggest taking a sample piece of the flooring color with you to pick out the furniture and don't worry so much about the furniture material as much as the color and how it works with the floor color. make sure that wall color works well with the wood also. there are many colors of cream so again make sure the wood works with it.

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