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I recently replaced light carpet with a dark cherry wood floor, because I couldn't find the right tone of light pink toned washed oak, which matches my cabinets. But the floor butts up to a very light tile, and I don't like the cabinets next to the floor now either.  Everything just seems so dark and disjointed now.  I am thinking of replacing the cabinets with white, and painting the walls a very light color--not sure what color--ivory or light taupe.  Do you think I would be making a mistake?  


Thanks for writing. Sounds like you are on the right track. I would suggest you have your cabinetry be either a honey wheat color wood or white, but not bright white white. If you are going to go with a white cabinet, it is going to need to be a cream/off white otherwise you will have the same problem you are having with your flooring butting up to the white. A cream cabinet and cherry flooring will look so rich. You are really going to be happy with that!

As far as the wall, a taupe is an excellent choice. Otherwise if you want to bring in a color, try an olive green. As far as hardware, try a brushed nickle or bronze or even black. For countertops, go with a sand colored stone and use stainless steel accents or appliences.

Good luck and as always, I encourage you to send pictures of your completed projects to


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