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We're about to move into a house that has been added on to by past owners.  A large, closed-in storage area was built where the small backyard used to be.  Because of this, the kitchen windows that used to look out over a backyard now give a view into the storage shed.  The kitchen gets no sunlight and it's quite depressing.  The dining room, with its large sliding glass door, suffers the same problem.

My husband definitely wants to keep the storage area, so I need ideas on how to make these rooms look less like a dungeon.  Any suggestions that won't cost a fortune?

Hi Joan,

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend.

There are a few things you can do to bring some light to your kitchen. #1 is if you didn't know I was going to say that!

Try a nice light color such as a pale yellow or blue. These pale pasel colors are the hot trends and look beautiful on walls. Also, use white woodwork. In the kitchen, this is easy because of all your cabinetry. If you are daring enough paint those cabinets a glossy white or for a more formal look, an off white/very very light cream. Also flooring can have a big impact. Try a nice cream tile  or stone or a light wood.

The altamate way to bring moor light in would also bve a skylight. Not sure if this is applicable on your house?

Follow these guidlines and you will be sure to have that bright kitchen.

Thanks agaion for writing and as always, I encourage you to send pictures of your completed projetcs anytime to

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