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My question is in regards to my Master Bathroom.  It's size is approx 13x9', with a little room in the back left corner for the toilet. You walk into the room at the front right corner (when looking into the room from the doorway) which is on the longest wall.  On this same wall is a double sink vanity with creme colored marble counter top, cream colored sinks.  On either side is a tall approx 18" wide linen cabinet in cherry wood stained mahogony.  Underneath the vanity is also mahogany stained cherry wood cabinetry.  The vanity area has a large rectangle wall mirror that consumes that entire wall area, with silver/gold sconce lights.  The opposite wall, which is the first thing you see when you walk into the room, has a creme colored whirlpool tub surrounded in cream colored marble tile. There is a partial wall to the left of that that makes a little room where the toilet is.  In front of the other wall making that room is a corner angle stand up shower that is all glass enclosure with brass trim and the wall is creme colored marble tile.  Hope that helps with a visualization.  So, the room has mahogany stained cherry wood cabinetry and woodwork trim, it has creme colored marble, which I do really like.  However, the floor is green marble deep hunter green marble tile.  Ideally, I think I'd like to tear out the green marble tile and replace it with creme colored flooring to match the marble tile, but that is not going to happen any time soon.  Given that, I have a few questions.  1.  I'd like to know if you feel I really do need to get rid of the green floor or if you see that as a good combination that I could somehow work with.
2.  Given that I may have to keep the green tile for a while, how do you recommend I work with it.  When we built the house 4 years ago, I thought this is what I wanted but I'm not happy with it overall.  I put a striped wallpaper on the wall that is creme, taupe, & a bit of green, with a wall border at the top with green topiaries, in an effort to try an tie in the green floor, but I don't like it.  In either case, I'm thinking of replacing the wallpaper and either painting (what color - creme?) or putting up a new wallpaper in a creme tone on tone faux painted look.  But how would that look with the green floor?  I really like the mahogany cherry and creme look but feel like the green marble floor is the odd man out.  Is it? Do I have options for tying in the green marble floor while sticking with the creme walls that I'd like to change to or do I really need to tear out the green marble floor?  Hope I'm not too confusing and that you can offer me some suggestions.  Thank you.


Thanks for your question.  I feel your frustration.  What I'd suggest is that you tie in or incorporate another color into the equation rather than rip out the floor.  What you have is a lot of contrast between the dark green and the pale cream.  

The place to get your color cue is from your cabinetry.  The cherry stain is a redish tone, and that's the color opposite (which makes for good decorating) of green.  Add some shade of red to the room with accessories, rugs, towels etc. and see how that feels.  My best suggestion is a cranberry shade -- not too pinky, not too red.  If you prefer shades of coral or rust, you could go that route as well.  A dark terra cotta will be great in there (like pots).  

Try adding a few accessories (you can always return them) and see how you like it.  

Wallpaper in baths bothers me.  If you must, use a combination of cream, green and your newly adopted accent shade of red.  If you want to paint; consider using a sage or celery green.


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