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I'm trying to decorate my basement into a room/living space.  I live in a one family home - and many of the homes in my area were created with unfinished basements w/ excessively low ceiling.  I believe its about 6ft in height.  I have many windows and receive a good amount of sun to brighten the area moderately around the late afternoon.  I have one very large space, and an extremely smaller space for the bathroom.  I believe the bathroom ceiling is much lower than the rest of the basement.  Currently, I have a stand-up shower, small sink, and toilet.  Although I have to replace the stand-up shower because it is extremely horendous - I'm not working with much space.

My biggest issue is that space seems tight and confined.  I want to add an airey light feeling.  There isn't much I can do about raising the ceiling since much of the houses' pipes and wires are right about the tiles overhead.  My goal is to make this room in my home functional.  I wanted to possible create it like a studio with a small living area and sleeping area but don't want to use dividers since it'll just make the area seem choppy.  In addition, I want to make the low ceiling virtually disappear.  I also have to rip out the ugliest brown carpet you've ever seen.  The floors are concrete so I'm unsure if I should tile or recarpet.

I'm working on a budget so much of the painting and decorating will be done by me.  Other things like the bathroom I would have to have someone else do.  So, with this huge project ahead of me, how should I proceed?

Any suggestions?

Hi Dorean,

Because your ceiling is low and you need to make the room look wide and open you'll have to work out only with light colors. As far as your flooring goes you make either carpet it with light color or use very light color tiles, may be light cream. On the walls the color could possibly be white or cream. You may also put certain paintings on the wall, will improve the ambience.

Use very low furnitures. Try looking for Poulder sofas. Sofas can be in a contrasting color with the walls. Say if you are going with cream walls then you may look for a magenta or a orange sofa, you may also put a couple of flower pots, will lighten up the room. Also use lamp shades around the room and on the ceiling put white color focus lights.

In the bathroom encase the shower area in a fibre cabinet. and put the sink around it.

This might sound a bit expensive but if you plan it well then you will have a marvel room.

There is one more you want to make it more like a cozy place, You may give it a woody romantic look with a small hay couch and night lamps around the room...revert back if you want to know about it. I am not including it here else it would be too much of writing.

Take Care

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