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I have a cookie cutter colonial suburban home in Northern VA.  The kitchen has honey oak cabinets and Uba Tuba (black, green and gold) granite countertops and a honey oak rail dividing the kitchen from the family room.  The family room has wood floors in a similar color to the cabinets.  We have a burgundy leather couch and chair that we would like to keep.  The room only gets morning light so I'm afraid dark colors would make it look like a tomb, but the lighter green on the walls just looks awful.  Any suggestions on wall color and curtain color?  There is a red brick fireplace at the far end of the FR with a god-awful slab wood mantle.  There are two sets of French doors in the FR and the Kitchen has a bay window in it.  I'd like to coordinate but not necessarily match all the drapes or curtains.  Can you help?

Hello Helen ,

Match ...  popular word that pops up all the time . Matching is not always the key to a nice looking room . If you have large windows with enough wall space on either side of the window .. you may have operable drapery . Both large and small width windows look great with "Sationery Side Panels" per say panels that stand alone on a pole -or- rod of choice as the panel(s) hang only , no movement . And add 2" wood blinds into the casement . Those two treatments look nice for years , Stationery Side panels look great , not a lot to clean -or- to keep cleaned . If you want to block out light .... ask for the "Room darkening" type of blinds ... no holes in the slats . French doors > use horizonal blinds with hold down brackets . Hold down brackets keep the bottom rail of the blind from swaying and bouncing around when door(s) are being used . Bay windows are about the trickiest to fit . You absoultely need an Installer that "will" measure ... > and <  includes all allowences/angles and dimensions reguarding the blinds' projection of headrail and window cranks and mullian widths .... Some info there to get us started and hopefuly pointing us to a direction to another successful project . Please write with your thoughts and questions . May take a few more letters back and forth to completely define .


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