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My husband and I are about to move from a two-bedroom "garden style" apartment to a loft-style apartment, in which the bedroom is the loft and the kitchen/dining room/living area are on the bottom level. You can see the floorplan of the bottom level if you follow this link
and click on the 1/1.5 $1635-1695 floorplan. Our current floor plan has separate dining and living areas, and we use our second bedroom for an office. The new apartment will combine all of these spaces, which is exciting but also frightening in terms of design because the colors of the decor of all of the spaces really clash, and we can't afford to buy new furniture. The living room is mostly black and white (black leather sofa/chairs, white rug, black tables, black and white photos framed photos), with blue and green touches. The dining room is more Mediterranean-themed with light and cherry woods and wine and gold accents. The office is fun and modern with white furniture and green/chocolate brown/and pink accents (funky lamps, rug, chairs, etc.). Do you have any ideas, given our floorplan, how to make all of these colors work together in one large space? I get this sense that the livingroom and office stuff will go together pretty well, but our particular concern is with the dining room furniture. Also, if it makes any difference, the kitchen will have oak cabinets and kind of a white tile floor with black countertops.  Thank you *so much* for your help.  

The best thing you can do in this situation is to "cross pollinate" all your colors.  By that I mean add some blue and green to the wine and gold area; add some wine and gold to the black/white area and toss in some green/chocolate brown and pink to all of the above.  The only way to pull this off is to use ALL the colors ALL throughout the space.   You can do so "sparingly", but incorporating one space's predominant color into the next space by way of accessories is the easiest way to do it.


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