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We are moving into a new home with 18' cathedral pine ceilings in the master bedroom as well as pine beams lining the walls (with white walls in between).  We wanted a king sized bed but different colors of wood seem to clash with the pine.  I was thinking I might have to just go with a black iron bed.  Any suggestions? Also the pine beams on the walls are close enough together so that I can't really use a  long dresser with a mirror because it won't fit up against the wall.  I have always had one of these!  Any suggestions for decorating this room, as well as colors that go nicely with pine? If you need a picture I would be happy to send you one, I'm not sure if my description makes sense to you or not.

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Hi Michelle,

Unless the pine is a very rustic knotty pine, you can certainly add other wood to the space.  It would be best if combined with a darker, richer wood.  A black iron bed would be great in the space if you like iron.  With that, I'd suggest some glass tables rather than wood, thus adding another texture to the room.  A large bench at the bottom of the bed (with storage) will assist with the contents of a dresser.  

As for colors for the walls, I'd recommend a cool color like a green or a blue - the shade and intensity is up to you.  Pine tends to run on the yellowish side, and with yellow being a warm color, you can pair it with blue very easily (it's color opposite) or green.

Hope this helps you.


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