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Hi!  I don't know where to begin. We are building a new house and we will be finished in about 2 months.  We are going to be painting soon and I am at a loss as to what color I should paint it.  I want to go with a french country theme but I am not crazy about the roosters so I keep sitching back to the cottage country.  I absolutely don't like americana country.  The only problem is that he (Rick) bought a navy blue leather sofa/loveseat right before we got together and is not willing to give them up.  My delima now is that I have to make them fit in our new house - YUK!!  We have agreed that no wall will be white in our house and that it will be painted a lighter color for the most part.  I was thinking like a really soft butter yellow and his leather will be in the family room.  The thing that I liked about french country is that the colors are a little more bold where I can make the navy leather sofas fit in.  The cottage country is lighter blue.  We haven't bought the furniture for our formal living yet but I really love reds.  Tell me what you think about this idea:  We can paint the whole house (not bedrooms or bathrooms) soft yellow and we can paint the formal living a barn red with red and creme fabric furiture with lace curtains.  In the formal dining we can do the tablecloth and chairs in red and then have a centerpiece that has all the colors in it.  In the nook we were thinking about the lower 1/2 barn red with the upper 1/2 the butter yellow with a boarder of roosters and fruit with all the colors to bring them all in.  Then we have 8 huge windows in the family room that I can find a floral fabric the barn red as the base with all the colors in it to bring the whole house together.  What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to make all of this flow?

Dear Brenna,
Congratulations on building your new house. I also dont really like the americana theme. It is to overdone. Well, with long consideration to your ideas for your home, I have designed four rooms that might help you get a visual idea of what you can do. Go to this website for my designs.

First there is the dining room, Since you are considering red I would go with a golden color wood to compliment the red and make it stand out. I used a soft neutral yellow for the walls, if you go to yellow it isnt going to look as nice with the red. I would add artwork that has a country feel with red in it, also a mirror is always nice.

Second there is the formal living room. I love your bold choice of red for the walls. Going with white lace curtains will look nice with the red as well. Keep in mind that red is such a vibrant color, when you add to many other colors it doesnt look as nice. The colors will feel like there competing. So I added a rich dark orange for accent pillows and a copper lamp to continue the look. I also would use golden wood tones.

Third there is the nook. I thought you didnt like roosters? I thought of the idea of using strawberries as an inspiration for the room. Its casual and it works in a breakfast nook. You dont necessarily have to go this route but having a theme can give direction for the whole room keeping it unified and beautiful.

And finally the family room. Since you have so many windows you will be using alot of fabric. I would suggest using a solid color fabric, since there will be so many curtains. I would suggest choosing a rug that has the navy blue and some red in it and then picking the other colors for accent pieces. You can also pick pillows that have the floral print to grab colors from.

I hope this helps and good luck on decorating your home. Feel free to ask any questions.
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