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We have a wall in our living room that is turning out to be a challenge.  We have vaulted ceilings that are 13' high.  The wall is 20' wide.  The room is rather narrow (13'wide).  The wall opposite the vaulted one is a regular 8' high wall with a large picture window. The wall connecting those two has a large custom brick fireplace. I would like to hang some type of art work on the "big" wall but don't know how to use up all that space.  Do you have any suggestions for decorating this wall? I appreciate any response.  Rosemarie  


These types of walls are always challenging because having an art object "to scale" is a) large; and b) expensive.  If all else fails, you find yourself at c) hard to find!

Here are a couple of suggestions.  Consider cloth.  Depending on your decor theme/style, you may be able to use a large wall hanging of inexpensive decorative fabric.  It's almost like creating a faux window opposite the window that you have.  Other cloth items include "sails", Japanese kimonos etc.

Another alternative is to purchase several "like" objects to hang on the wall in a grouping.  Again, these should be geared toward your taste and style, and groupings are always best in odd numbers; 3, 5, 7 etc.  

Whatever you opt to hang on this wall, hang it vertically rather than horizontally.

Hope this spurs your creativity.  If all else fails, you can install shelves and put glass collectibles (large ones) on the shelves.  If you do that, stagger the shelves.


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