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I am looking to purchase new furniture for my 11 x 11 dining room.  I simply don't know how much furniture can be placed in a room this size, how to determine furniture placement and room around the pieces.

Late last year we purchased a table, chairs and china cabinet. When no one was in the room, it looked fine but when people were seated it seemed so crowded. Due to manufacturing issues, I was able to return it and now am starting over.

I need to purchase a table that expands for family dinners.  We currently seat 7 at dinners.  Last time we purchased 8 chairs and will do so again.  I am hooked on a 60" x 60" gathering table with standard table legs.  I would purchase the eight chairs and place them around the table.  I envision some art work on one long wall and maybe a tall plant in the corner.  How does that sound?  

I'm not purchasing until I'm absolutely sure this time.  I need help!!!  Thanks.  (Then I'm on to colors....)

Hi Ruth,

With such a small space, I would not cram too much in. Less is more in this situation. Because your room is so square, I would highly recommend a large round favorite are glass tables with a pedistal and parsons chairs (chairs covered in fabric).

Any style round table would really work, but round is the key to break up the square space and to allow more room to move around easily.

Thanks for your questions and good luck!


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