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Okay, I have "pleather furniture.  I know cheesy but my young children are rough on furniture and I can't seem to find anything elce they can't ruin.  My question is this, the seat coushins on on the sofa are getting very worn if I can explain this correctly, the coushins are in great shape but the color seems to be coming off or fading from wear.  I wonderd if I could dye them just like you would dye leather.  They are black and I would just be adding black to freshin it up.  Would this work, or is there another process for this material.  Thank you.  

Dear Jessica,

There is nothing wrong with having "pleather" furniture, especially if you have kids.  I don't recommend painting it, though.  Eventually the paint will chip off, especially with all the punishment it takes with the kids.

Have you thought of slipcovers.  There are fabrics designed to stand up to wear and tear and laundering.  Cotton is one of them and it is the best.  It's a generally cool fiber that breathes well and dries relatively quickly when wet.  It's more receptive to dye, therefore you have an unlimited selection of colors.  The disadvantage cotton has a tendancy to wrinkle.  This problem, however, disappears when cotton is combined with synthetic fibers like polyester.  When ytou choose your fabric subject a sample to the "crush" test.  Crumple a swatch of the fabric; then release it and see if it snaps back intoshape without excessive wrinkling.  And, lastly, if you go with a slipcover, check on stain-resistant finishes.  Those finishes sometimes are applied during manufacture (check the label) or that finish may be sprayed on later.

Good luck with your decorating,

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