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We want to redo our 12 year old daughter's bedroom in an equestrian theme--English riding and show jumping.

A nice horse stable kind of look (rather than a rustic barn)--opening up onto the English countryside (but not fox hunting). With LOTS of horse pictures or posters.

She has a large collection (75+) of Grand Champions (plastic horse toys, 6" tall, 10" long)she still likes to play with, and display. We just got two nice wood 72" tall bookshelves that display them efficiently with some space left for books, etc.

It's a large room with a still-unfinished bathroom. It's over the garage, with sloped ceilings and a dormer window facing east, dormer with window seat facing west, a regular window north (and the only place with enough ceiling height to put those bookshelves on each side!), and an east dormer in the bathroom. There's also an aquarium which won't fit into the theme at all, but there you have it!

She likes lighter, brighter, clearer colours. The pale green carpet stays, but otherwise we'd like to go whole-hog for horses and English riding and jumping. We really like to have fun with theme rooms.

Any ideas,suggestions, or sources you can offer would be appreciated. I just can't seem to "see" this one clearly enough to know where to begin, and can't even find any pictures for inspiration.

Thanks so much for your help.


Here are some suggestions for research on your part.  First, the library!  In this day of computers and search engines, we often forget how wonderful it can be to go to the library, look up a subject and thumb through books on the subject.  

Second suggestion for prints, accessories and the like is Bombay Company.  They're in most large malls across the country and usually have the "Fox and Hound" and "Steeplechase" accessories.  

Keep the room light not white.  Opt for a taupe or pale green (to match the carpet) wall color.  Consider trimming out the room in wood moldings, even if they're painted white.  With the amount of "stuff" you have already, you may want to put open shelving above the molding and use it for display space.  

Search garage sales and antique shops for horse paraphenalia like riding crops etc. that can be displayed on the walls.

Dark black, dark greens, navy, true red and taupe are the colors associated with the decor of this theme.  Good luck!


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