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    I am currently working on decorating my son's nursery (he was born a premie on 2/4/04 - 3lbs 13 oz and doing wonderfully in the NICU).  My mother and I are planning on doing the painting in his room by our selves and neither of us have much experience with the type of paint techniques I'd like to employ.  I'm envisioning using 2 paint colors (1) a base coat of a sky blue color called Supernatural Blue on all walls in the nursery (2) a sponge or rag technique on the lower part of the walls in a darker medium blue tone called Calling Bird.  On the upper part of the wall I would like to paint clouds.  The idea of the room is to represent day and night to match my son's Noah's Ark theme.  I've also found a roll of wall boarder to match the bedding that has been purchased for the room that I think will cover 3 of the 4 walls.  I have 1 large wall that I do not have enough border for (it's been clearanced out and I couldn't find it anywhere else) so I am open to idea's on how to tie that wall in to the decorating scheme - I thought of trying a mural.  Could you give me any ideas on how to at least get started?  What type of paint techniques would look the best, etc.?  I do rent my apartment so I have to be choosy about what types of things I do.  I am allowed to paint as long as the paint can be covered easily (thus only med or light colors are being used) and the border is removable.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for writing and for your questions about the nursery.  Congratulations on your new baby; I pray for a speedy release from the NICU.  

For some excellent tips and how-to's on faux painting, visit  The people who man that site are truly experts in that particular field.  You can look at samples and read step-by-step instruction on the site.

For my part, let me suggest that you "cut apart" (if that's possible) the wallpaper border that you have.  If it's a character print, you could cut out the characters and intersperse them throughout the room. You could even add a solid border and adhere the characters to it, creating your very own wallpaper border design.  Or you could paint a solid color stripe (tape it off first, then paint inside the lines) around the room, later adding the wallpaper characters.  

If you opt for a mural, rent or borrow an overhead projector (or purchase one at a craft store) that allows you to take a drawing (perhaps out of a book) and enlarge it on the wall.  By doing so, you can trace the outline, and paint it in later.  It's a lot of work, but you do get more professional results.

Lastly, if the border and the mural seem too overwhelming, why not paint the wall a solid color, cover it with two-by-two animals (either paper cut outs or coloring book pages, colored)?  You could use inexpensive frames, or simply adhere the cut outs to the wall.  

Remember too...clouds are flat on the bottom, not rounded.  Look up if you don't believe me!


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