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Hi Cindy,

I have a fairly open floor plan. The dining room
has a large opening into the kitchen and the kitchen has a large opening into the family room.

The large picture window in the dining room is not centered and it takes up the majority of the wall. I have centered the area rug and table according to the window.  The low boy is
25 inches to the right of the table and the buffet is 50 inches to the left of the table.

My sister came over and said the rug and table should be centered in the room. Before I put up
the chandelier, I want to know where I should center the rug and able.

Are there any standard rules to follow? I have had my lighting for 2 months and haven't put it up because I'm not sure what to do.

Hi Mary Ann,

Unless the room is very large the standard way of placing the table would be to center it in the middle of the room.  You are right, though, the picture window not being centered would throw the symmetry off in your dining room.
 However, you can create the illusion that your picture window is centered.  Let's say your window has a width of 76 inches and that the wall on the left side measures 3 feet and the wall on the right side measures 2 feet.  When you choose your drapery rod choose one that extends to 88 inches.  Hang the rod about two inches higher than your window molding.  When you hang the rod make sure the finial on the right side extends one inch after the outer edge of your window's molding and that on the left side the finial extends one foot and one inch after the outer edge of the window molding.   Your drapes then will hang on either side of the window and you will need to ensure that they remain stationary at one foot and one inch on both sides.  You can use tape or thread to make sure that all four outer sides of the drapes stay still.  This way the window molding will not be visible and it will be impossible for anyone to know that the window is not centered.

 Now you will be able to hang your chandelier in the center of your room and place your rug and table underneath.

Good luck with your decorating,

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