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Hello, My question is concerning the diminsions of window cornices I'm going to make for my two windows in my living room. The bigger window of the two measures 84" wide X 52" tall. The smaller one measures 52" wide X 50" tall. (These measurements include a 4" wood trim which will stay.) I have purchaced wide striped, soft velvety material curtains with muted colors of brown, red, gold and green which will have plenty of material left when I trim and hem them. I plan on covering the cornice with the left over material. Is there any standard "rule of thumb" for the diminsions for the up and down measurements? Should both windows be the same even though they are different sizes? My curtains will be floor length which is about the standard 84". Anything else you could add to give these old windows some class would be very helpful and appreciated.I thank you so much for your help. Mrs. Lee Ann Brown

Hello, Mrs. Brown, Your cornice should be a minimum of 1/6 of the overall length which would be 14".  I would encourage you to move the cornices about 8" above the window frame so the windows seem taller and it allows more light into the room. The cornices would then become deeper to allow for the extra length so consider making them about 21" deep. By moving the cornices up it will also make the room feel larger because you will eliminate the visual interrution above the window.

You can still keep your side panels around 84" as they will hide under the conice anyway and no one will be aware that they don't go up as high as the cornice.  

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