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I am into bringing the outdoors indoors and woodsy decor.  I have very little money but am trying to find a way to conceal some boxes I have in my bedroom (I don't have much storage space and can't afford to rent a storage unit but I am tired of looking at boxes).  I was thinking about making a fake rock wall to put in front of or over them but have had no luck finding an easy or inexpensive way to make such a "wall".  I thought of paper mache but doing individual "boulders" and fitting them together did not work.  I also thought of making a frame of chicken wire, and wood and covering it with paper mache then paint but don't know how to make the chicken wire bend and then look like rock or how to find out how much chicken wire or wood I'll need to do the job.  Any suggestions?
Is something like this do-able on a budget or am I unrealistic?  Any other ideas you have I'd appreciate.
Thank you.

Answer -
Hi Diane,

Thanks for writing and for your question.  The idea of camouflaging your boxes is a good one, but I think I'd opt for something simpler to achieve.  

If the boxes are a solid material, i.e., wood or plastic, they could be covered or painted decoratively.  Covering them could be as elaborate as decoupaging each box with outdoor swatches of paper or as simple as wrapping each of them in decorative fabric.  

If you're a handy painter, or just like to paint, paint them to match your decor and then visually they will simply disappear!

Hope these ideas help you.

Is there a way to cover them in a group as they are stacked on top of each other and it would be a real pain to cover each individually?
Do you know of any place to buy fabric that looks like rock or is woodsy in appearance?
Thank you,


If you don't need easy access to the boxes (individually) then you could certainly cover them all with fabric.  You do need to make it appear "fitted" to the boxes however, for a neater appearance; sort of like wrapping a large present!  

All the fabric stores across the nation carry specialty fabrics.  Check your local phone directory or search online in your area for fabric stores.  The larger ones are JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Jay's Fabrics etc.  

And - when you visit the store, be sure to check out the remnant section for some really great bargains on fabric.


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