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Hello Jenny, it's me, Jennifer Terry. I asked you some questions about my master bedroom and very much appreciated your quick and informative repsonse that I thought I should ask you another one about our family room. Is there a limit to how questions one person can ask? If so, I'm sorry, I wouldn't want to abuse this service. Ok, here goes...we live in a split foyer, as you go down the steps,u are in somewhat of a foyer type area, off that area is the bathroom, the door to the office, and laundry room and to the left is a big open room, our family room, play area for our two yr old son, tv get the idea. Anyway, while facing this large open area, there is a sliding glass door in the far right corner and along the left wall is a ledge (for prettys or anything eclectic that may fancy me)that continues the full length of this wall. There are two windows above this ledge and they are rather small but not too small. We also have a burber carpet that is of two colors (not the best choice but hey, I never had to choose carpet or cabinets or anything like this in my life)...these two colors are creme and a brownish color. I would like to brighten up this basement/family room but still keep it a bit masculine. While money is tight, and we can't afford new furniture, I decided to cover the two futons we have with an execellent ebay purchase, a deep royal blue velvet futon covers....beautiful! I also purchased some solid multi colored faux suede pillows at a local store for cheap....burnt red, gold, and maybe even organge.The color I was thinking of for the walls is a goldish faux finish, although, the gold may have a bit of earth tone rolling thru. Of course, I've never done this before so if you have any pointers on ragging that would be great. But, my main question is about the u think this would flow with the carpet and the dark blue velvet futons? My main concern is that the carpet isn't just one color, so my fear is it won't flow. What do u think? A suggestion for the color of window treatments would also help me a great deal. After this is finished, I also plan on framing out an art area for my son on the one wall. I heard of chaulk board paint, and thought that may be interesting, and  an area he could display his creations. Your thoughts, comments and suggestions would make me feel so much better before taking on such a big project this weekend.....Thank you so very much, Jennifer Terry

First - there's no limit on questions.  We volunteeer our time and appreciate being able to assist people as best we can.  It sometimes takes longer to respond to longer questions, but we do try.  

If you opt for a gold-tone on the wall downstairs, keep it a in a shade of yellow that "goes with" (at least coordinates) with the brown in the carpet.  That's the place to take your color cue.  Again, if you want to stay neutral with the wall coloring and use a faux technique, try layering 3 shades, keeping in mind that the last color you apply is the color you will see most of.  You may want to start with a white base, add gold and end with taupe.  That will provide interest and texture to the walls.  

Section off the area of wallspace for your child.  Add some inexpensive molding strips to "frame" the area, and paint them in blue to coordinate with your couch.  The chalkboard paint is a terrific thing, and you can get it tinted in greys, greens or blues.  

As for the windows, stay casual with your window treatment.  You may want to consider some inexpensive shades or blinds.

Lastly, visit for detailed instruction on faux painting techniques.  The info there is excellent, and there are step-by-step photo instructions.


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