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I have a plain frontroom I have the rest of the house all mapped out with what I am going to do but I am stuck on the frontroom...the rest of the house is kind of Preppy, fun ...stripes cabana type colors. My frontroom walls are called Mermaid Green (green with a faint hint of blue) and I have a khaki colored basket weave removable cushions, overstuffed couch. WHat other fun color and fabrics would you suggest to go with the green and khaki. Please help I am sooooooooooo stuck.  

Hi Janice,

Your house sound fun! As common as this is going to sound, the first thing I thought of when you said you had green/blue walls with Khaki weaved furniture was white! I think this would look very clean and not overstuff the room with TOO much color. Another suggestion would be to go with a thin stripped material for your couch that is dominated by white, but brings in another color like a pail pink. A nice natural fiber rug such as jute would add to the space also while keeping with the cabana theme. Also, add shells to the room as accessories (put them in a large bowl on the table or use them in your window treatment).

As always, I encourage you to send photo's to: with the project is completed.

Have fun and thanks for your questions!


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