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I live in a small old farmhouse.  And I believe the bedrooms are in what should be the attic.  Each room of which there are 3, have 1 narrow long window.  One room is perfectly square with a tiny 2'x4' closet. Another is long and narrow with the window at the opposite end of the doorway both being at the narrow ends.  The other is really only 2/3's of a square being as the stairway goes up the one wall with the one window to the right at the top of the stairs.  The walls are straight up to 4', then they slant in towards the middle and then the ceiling.  The walls with the windows are flat.  There's space behind the 4' walls for storage in the latter 2 rooms.  I'm at a loss.  HELP!!!!

Hi Gail,
After reading your description, my first vision and thought was how similar it was to some Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard homes.  But of course, this may not be the style you prefer to decorate in, but if you do, here's some thoughts:

Keep it...simple, simple, simple.  This style uses light, pale but vibrant colors, white beadboard on walls (in some cases) and very little embellishment because of the small rooms and cramped ceiling heights.  

If you add the beds, what else would you be able to fit there?  A chest of drawers, side tables for lamps and perhaps a bench or chair?

I believe you can select "collectible" antiques and very interesting quaint pieces to accent these rooms, but with very little else in the way of furniture.  

The colors are sea side colors.  Very Popular and gorgeous!  The palette does not confine you at all, so have fun in choosing paint.  

The bedding on the beds are another way to make a design statement.  This theme and style requires using PATTERN!  Quilted coverlets are the rage right now, so you'll have no problem finding them at retailers.

Finally, keep the window treatments and the hardware simple too...antique bronze metal curtain rods with lightweight white sheers.  You're framing the window and using the outside views as art to be highlighted.

Have fun and check out Pottery Barn catalogues for ideas!

Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID  

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