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QUESTION: Wow...great site and great answers!  I have a question...we just moved into a brand new home.  I'm confused about furniture placement in the great room.  We are starting with a blank slate as far as furniture

Okay..after entering the front door you walk around a corner and step right into the great room.  The room measures 20 by 20.  The opening to the room is 20 feet wide (open concept home).  The room has 20 foot ceilings (catwalk over the room leads to bedrooms).  Lastly, we have a TV over the fireplace which has stone all the way up to the ceiling (thus there is only one focal point in the room.)

I want to keep the traffic flowing in the room and have the furniture surround the fireplace / would you suggest placing furniture, types of furniture.   

THANKS for your time!

ANSWER: Thank you for the compliment Lisa.
Now, let's get down to business, blank slate is my favorite place to be, but I've got to have some clues from you, such as the colors you like, warm as in reds, oranges, browns & yellows, or cool as in blues and greens?
What color & style is that fire place? Are the features of your home modern as in sleek design or is the style more like a summer afternoon in Italy, with curves at the doorways instead of right angles?
What type of artwork do you like?
What type of furniture do you like, modern, art deco, shabby chic, traditional, eclectic, antiques?
If you'd be so kind as to answer these questions for me, then I can give you my expert opinion, OK?
Thank you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: are wonderful...thank you so very much for answering my original question so quick.

Well..the fireplace is neutral (beige, and light brown) large stones.    

With regard to color...I love warm colors (hate cool colors).  I usually go with beige to be safe which I dont want to do burgandy, black, green...mmm..think Bombay Company style furniture and colors.  Almost jewel like colors.  Boy does that make sense? haha.

I also like traditional type furniture...not to stuffy though.  I envision big comfy couches with alot of pillows...something you sink into but also with some sense of traditional style.

Doorways are right ankles.  If you are sitting in the great room there is also a half wall then looks over into the kitchen which is a Tuscany type I guess you would say.  We have Travetine floors, black granite (with gold specks) on the counters and Irish Glazed (creamy color) cabinets with ginger colored wood island also with black specked granite.

Lora...thank you again for you quick reply.  I'm itching to go shopping!!, haha. Have a good night.  Would a picture of the room help?

Good afternoon Lisa;
Believe it or not, I dreamed about your room last night and saw so many rich colors, I honestly thought I traveled back in time, and who knows, maybe I did.
I do see very deep, rich and penetrating colors in this room of yours. The wall space on each side of your fireplace, (which is your accent wall), needs to pop. So, I saw deep shades of color, such as Hot Chocolate-#PPH62, or Hibiscus Punch-#PPH68, or Red Wine-PPH67. Because this space is not only large, but tall as well, you can continue the color onto the other walls to make the space seem more cozy and inviting. Cotton Whisper-W-F300 for your trim. (If you go with the Hot Chocolate, you can throw in punches of Raspberry Mouse-#SG680 in your accessories, pillows, a throw for the couch) These are all Behr colors of paint.
Each of these three colors are slightly different, one is in the brown tones, another in the burgundy and the last one is more like red wine.
After you've decided on the color, put a small dab on a card or get the sample they carry in the store and put it in your purse.  That way, you can pull it out to match with other things, such as pillows, drapes, area rug, etc....
I see large black iron curtain rods and heavy drapes with a small, tight pattern in the fabric, hanging on each side of the windows, maybe even puddling a little at the bottom.  The drapes are made of tapestry, like you see in the castles of Europe. Behind them, you need to have a simple cellular shade the same color as the trim that fits inside of the window. Though the drapes could cover the windows, you want to keep them open, because they are framing your window.
The large overstuffed couches sound great, (3 cushion) they should be chocolate brown if you paint your walls the brown tone, otherwise, go with a lighter shade, such as medium brown.  You can either buy a pair of them, and have them face each other, perpendicular in front of the fireplace with an area rug between them.  Large square or rectangle coffee table with some interest on it.
Or, one couch facing two overstuffed chairs, (small table needs to sit between the chairs).  The area rug & drapes should have similar color.
Since I don't truly know where your windows are in relationship to the fireplace or how many walls you truly have to decorate, here is a list of other furniture that you might try to give that added interest and warmth.
A library table, large credenza or a second sitting area are all workable scenario's. Paintings or prints should be at least 4' x 5' if not larger.
The furniture at the Bombay company should compliment the colors that I have chosen for you, and if you don't mind, I'd like to see a picture, when you are all done, OK?
I hope this will help you Lisa, and if you don't mind, would you please rate this answer for me?
Thank you,

You want the space to look so inviting, that friends can't help but sit down and say WOW.

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