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The tables are Chinese Rosewood and I have beautiful hand painted cinnabar/white lamps which I wouldn t give up for the world.  Pendants are not an option.  The end tables and coffee table match and will remain a grouping.  Nothing wrong with the sofa at all.  Great idea about the lighting with the rosewood chairs.  Thanks so much.  -------------------------    Followup To    Question -   The living room, which will be used only occasionally is 16x19.  There are 2 19  walls opposite each other and one 16  wall opposite the entrance with a picture window and 2 smaller windows next to it that showcase the back deck/yard.  I do not want to do the typical up against the wall arrangement, but feel if I pull this grouping away from the wall, the only option would cause you to see the back of the sofa on entering the room.  How and where do you plug in lamps with out having cords running every which way.  We can arrange to have floor sockets put in before the house is complete, but I m concerned that will also be limiting as to furniture placement.      Answer -   Dear Sally,    Let s address your dilemas.  Putting your sofa against the wall is something our grandmothers used to do -the wallflower look- creating a screaming distance in your conversation arrangement and traffic going through it.  If your sofa is in good condition, I don t see what s wrong with showing the back of it -unless there is something wrong with the upholstery in the back.  This way the traffic from your door to anywhere in your room will be behind and around your seating arrangement-as it should be-without interrupting any conversation which is the main function of the living room.    Inspired be your oriental table and chairs, why don t you have chinese lanterns hanging down, this way tying the room together.  By having this furniture in your room the windows showcasing the backyard-assuming- that it looks great- becomes the focal point in your room.    Good luck with your decorating,  Cindy

Dear Sally,
As you can see we can only try to do our best giving advice from a distance!  Of course you should not part with your beautiful lamps.

But here is some advice that may come in handy:  if you decide to have outlets installed under your sofa save the pieces of carpet that are cut off.  If you ever decide to move the furniture, all you have to is replace that piece  stitch it on , then with a comb or a brush, brush around the seams to blend them in with the rest of the carpet.  

Good luck with your decorating, Sally,

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