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I recently purchase a moss green sofa and loveseat and I would love to purchase a carpet for my living room but I am not sure about what color carpet will go well with my furniture. The walls in the living room are eggwhite in color, the coffee and end table is mahogony and the sofa and loveseat also have some mahogony in the front by the arms and  at the base of them. Do you have any advice on what color carpet will go well with them.   I would appreciate your advice very much and thank you in advance.

Hello Nicole,
With pale walls and moss green furniture you can have several different colours on the carpet. I have listed some colours described what kind of impression they give.

Grey: A grey carpet gives a contemporary look. If you are able to come across a round grey carpet the modern look is enhanced even further. If going for a grey carpet though keep a close eye on the overall feeling of the room. There is a slight risk of the room feeling cold.

Choosing a goldy yellow carpet creates a luxurious and elegant feeling. Think dark gold, not bright yellow and you will find the right nuance.

A rich ruby dark red carpet also gives a feeling of luxury but not quite as elegant as the golden colour. Rather it gives a hint from the orient and also shows that here lives someone not afraid of making her own statement. This is especially true if you get a thick carpet.

At last two words of warning.
Avoid using a green carpet. Different shades of green can make excellent combinations but they can also clash totally. And when green colours clash they CLASH!

Also, playing safe normally means going for pale colours. In your case however, I do not recommend it. Because of the pale walls the room is something of a blank canvas. It needs a boost of colour to really come alive.

Good luck

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