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We are finishing our basement and just bought a package set of furniture which included a bar, mirror, pool table, small standing table and game table with 4 chairs. The wood for all is darker and the chair cushions are black. We purchased it through It is the sausalito collection.We are going to put carpet down and purchase a couch loveseat and recliner. Any suggestions for the carpet colors and couches would be helpful. Also the walls and baseboards are not done yet so if need be we can coordinate with the furniture. Thanks in advance

Randy Schield  


Thanks for writing.

To start I would suggest staining the baseboards the same dark wood color as all your funrniture pieces from American Heritage. This will tie everything together. For carpet, go with a low nape tight woven carpet in a cream color. This is perfect for lower level entertaining areas because it doesn't wear light a plush carpet and doen't show foot patterns and is easy to clean and maintain.

For walls, try an olive green. And for furniture, if you like leather, a medium to dark brown leather sofa and chair would look excellent.

With the olive green walls, dark woodwork and brown leather, you will give the space a true "ballards room" feel that will be rich and inviting.

Good luck.


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