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QUESTION: How do I arrange furniture in a room with 2 large picture windows (with a view) and a fireplace wall (stone). I also do not have a foyer and would like to create one with furniture placement

ANSWER: Hello Margo ,

  I am an expert in Window Treatments . However large windows sometime have deep walls and plenty of space to place furniture away from glass about 3 - 5 feet . I think space between furniture and windows are attractive especialy when entering a room with a view .


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QUESTION: I would like more info. The expert did not address the issues with the fireplace wall or hoe to create a foyer.

Hello Margo ,

       Please note : My Profile and catagory is a sub-catagory within :[navigating path] AllExperts home page - Home/Garden - Interior Design - Decorating and Furniture .A "Window Treatments" catagory is not listed in AllExperts yet , however Window treatments are hand in hand with "Interior Decorating" Experts providing Furniture and creation of Foyer ideas may be available in this catagory .

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