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We have a 25 X 30 family room. Wall one 25'- has a fireplace in the center with narrow windows on each side. Wall 2 - 30' long has closet doors all the way to the door leading to the garage. Wall 3 - 25' long has a bar and an opening to the hall that covers 1/2 the wall area, & wall 4 - 30' long has an opening to another hall in the center and a big screen TV in the corner near the fireplace. I've moved our furniture around and I'm not feeling any symetry and can't figure out how to separate spaces. Also, walls 3 & 4 are blank and desparately need some wall art solutions. We plan to purchase new furniture
I have no idea what furniture I should purchase or how to place furniture in this room and how to use all the space.  Please help.

Hi Joy

Thank you for giving me such a detailed description of your room.

Having drawn a little diagram of it it strikes me that you need to define the focal point of the room.  In an ideal world I think it would be the fireplace but often in reality it is the TV.  It depends really on the main focus of the room and how you tend to use the room most of the time.

Is your TV at all moveable?  If it is possible that you could place it on a wheeled unit or a unit with a turntable top so the angle can be changed it will give you more flexibility.

If the room is used a lot for socializing (and the fact that you have a bar suggests to me that maybe this is the case) then I would suggest that you place the furniture to feature the fireplace area.  A classic layout would be to place your sofa with its back to the bar, facing the fireplace, with a small end table at each end.  You could then place an armchair at each end of the sofa, at right angles to the sofa so the chairs are facing each other and the whole forms a shape like three sides of a square.  Another low table could then be placed in the centre within reach of everyone whilst seated.

I am a big fan of modern abstract art when it comes to making an impact and I would suggest you have a look here :

for some inspiration.

If that is a little too bold for your taste or the style of the room, have a look here:

for ideas of how to hang pictures to add more impact.

Kind regards,


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