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Hi:  I just purchased a 2 storey townhouse.  The main floor which is kitchen, dining room, small bathroom and living room in all grey ceramic tile in pretty good shape.  One whole wall in living room is patio door opening onto deck.  In the living room there are stairs up to second floor.  My question is how to arrange living room furniture as I have to be able to go up stairs.  The size is about 20'x15' rectangular.  Presently I have a nice table and mirror at bottom of stairs creating a bit of hallway to patio doors and then have my furniture all to left in a cozy sitting arrangement.  Its fine but makes my room look very small.  Also wondering if I should put wall to wall carpeting down instead of area rug under sofa and love seat etc.  Also, presently there are vertical blinds on patio doors which take up most of wall.  The room actually looks like this message box with patio door across top of box, furniture to left, table and mirror to right and stairs on right side bottom right corner.  Thanks for any advice.

Dear Karen,
Congratulations on your purchase!  I cannot help you with furniture placement because I don't have a cleat layout of your place ie. entrances to other rooms on the first floor.  However if you are happy with your current sitting arrangement then leave it.  Your main concern appears to be making your room look bigger and I can help you with that.  
First, I do hope that your furniture is small in scale and upholstered in darker fabric (dark colors make things appear smaller hence giving the surrounding space -your room- a more spacious feel).  If the upholstery is patterned it should be a small pattern.

Second, unite don't divide your space.  Your instincts are right; go for wall to wall carpeting.   I would replace the vertical blinds with curtains or draperies with fabric that is either similar to the fabric on your furniture or that is as close as possible to the color on your wall.  If your ceilings are low  make sure they start from the ceinling all the way down to the floor; it will give your ceiling height.  No valances.  Horizantal lines bring the ceilings down.
Third, speaking of paint color I would paint the walls a light color; they give the illusion of expanding space.  Paint the doors, the trim the same color as the walls.
Mirrors are also an effective way of giving a room the illusion of greaater size.  
 I would also replace the small table at the bottom of your stairs with an upholstered bench (use upholstery fabric that you have on the rest of your furniture).  A bench has many uses, and can be part of your seating arrangement when necessary.  

As long as the traffic pattern leading from one door to the next are clear your seating arrangement will be fine.

Good luck with your decorating,

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