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hi,you helped me before; thanks ! Our new home has a 19 foot long sunroom. The walls (what little there are) are painted a pale yellow; floors are off white Italian tile. We have one
red/blue/green floral brown wicker couch with matching chair/ottoman. The windows have those pleated shades in white. The new dinette has a thick glass top. Chairs are goldish/bronze metal with beige seatcovers. This room is so glary!
Almost hurts your eyes it's so bright. What would you do to make it look homier? thanks

Hi again Suzy,

Glad to have you back with another question!  

Here's the problem in a nutshell - too much contrast.  You have pale walls, a pale floor and busy, color-filled upholstered pieces.  The red/blue/green floral is where your eye goes first; always to color.  From there, there's nowhere the eye can rest and relax.  It bounces from one extreme to the other...contrast.  

Here's my suggestion.  First, I'd paint the room a deeper color, even if it's a taupe.  That will give you a backdrop for your furnishings.  I'd then add a sisal area sized rug (check the import stores for good price points) that pulls the upholstered pieces together as a grouping.  

For the glass-topped table, I'd simply add some nice textured placemats or chargers (my personal favorite, and again inexpensive from import stores) and I'd probably invest in enough fabric to recover the seats of the metal chairs.  

After all this, you may want to add some window treatments that are simple, yet elegant.  Find a solid color fabric to use here, and drape it casually across the windows.  The blinds are great for privacy, but they really don't warm up the space like fabric will.  If you'd rather replace the blinds, consider the wicker shades.  This will again add texture to the room.


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