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Theme:Pictures of  Ships/Knots and LightHouses. Quilt"Tommy Hilfinger,"plaid-Red/Blue/White." Carpet light beige;walls china White.
Question: What colors would you recommend to paint the walls&trim?  Have one window:50"wide x 50"long. Present I  have a drapery that is 82" Long. What color do you recommend for the drapery?
I like to see bright pillows on the bed, I was thinking about Yellow. What is your suggestion?
Have a grandson heading for the US Navy Academy. I would appreciate any suggestion on my guest room.

Any helpfull ideals on the colors for my guest room, would be appreciated.


Dear Joyce,

I would reccomend white walls together with ivory trims or vice versa (actually ivory walls with white trim might be better).  I would recommend white or off-white draperies in a flowing fabric to give it a soft inviting look.  
Yellow pillows would be great; as would one or two vases with fresh yellow flowers, especially if you are expecting a guest.  In terms of color though the colors on the quilt and the pillows will help keep the eye focused on the focal point- the bed.

Congratulations on your grandson attending the naval academy:)-will he be staying at your guest room often?  You might want to visit and purchase a navy flag there that you can frame and hang on the wall.  You can also hang maps on the wall.  All the frames should be the same color-navy blue or black.  I would reccomend having the framing done by a professional.  For other accessories you can visit and there you will find telescopes, maps and boat models.  Of course, you do not want to go crazy with your nautical purchases but two or three well chosen accessories will add a fun touch.

Good luck with your decorating,

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