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I want to pursue my dream, so I start my own design service, I enjoy doing design work, but connect with right clients is very hard.  Most of people do not respect my design work, no matter what I say, they only concern about price, some people cheated me, some ignored me.  I only have few pleasant experience, the rest are all nightmares.  I spend lots of time and energy search for clients, extra long meeting, study, research… the rewards is so little.  I am a sensitive person, I cannot be super sales.  

After few months of working alone, I totally lose energy, I think about working for company again, the life is much simple there.   

What is wrong when I work for myself? I believe I always think positive. Can you analyze me and give me direction?

Hi JJ,

My heart goes out to you. I understand what you are saying. Some people are very money conscious and as their designer you want to get them the absoulute most for their money.

You may want to try consulting for an hourly fee and let the client do the legwork. You will be paid for your time spent on the creative end and your client will save money by doing the shopping.

Your idea of working for another company is not a bad idea and does not mean you are giving up. Working for a company where you will meet new contacts and get more experience in all areas of the design world can only benefit you in the long run. We all have to pay our dues and believe me I have surely paid mine.

I look back on my career and see how each job has played an important roll in creating the person I am and in the business I now own. Early in my career, I had so many different jobs that my parents thought that I couldn't stick with anything or hold down a job. I was looking for my niche and eventually found it. My degree is in interior design and today I own an art studio and gallery. My past included working for a paint and wallpaper company, a fine craft gallery, an interior design company, my first design business- only lasted 6 months, a utility comapny (I had almost given up at this point)and then a 16 year career as a designer and artist in my own company. This developed into a partnership and now I own a design and teaching studio with a gallery storefront. All of these positions, even the 16 months at the utility company have helped me learn to read people and understand how to communicate in a way that makes them very comfortable with me and trust me.

Your "nightmares" are your teachers. You now have some experience with what can go wrong and know what "not" to do.
Do you know the old saying - "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." ?

Real life is not going to be all good experiences. Hold on to your dream and continue to picture yourself as you want to be and it will come in the right time. No matter what job you hold you are still a designer at heart.

I wish you the best in all areas of your life.


Angie Nelson  

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