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Hello Jenny,

Nice to "talk" to you again.  You helped me a few years ago, and I so appreciated your input.

We have a home on the coast of California which has a redwood shingle exterior.  The shingles have weathered to mixed shades of dark reddish/gray.  The house has a composition black roof.  

The renter of this house would love to paint her front door, and although it's fine with us, I need to ask a couple of questions.  She wanted to do a red color which might be all right if it's a subtle red, but I'm tending more towards black to tie in the roof color, and the little thin black trim around the windows.  If she goes this way then maybe she could do some black pots on the deck with red flowers etc.----anyway, my question is what about the other visible doors, and if they should be painted also.  

There are two side doors that enter into a garage which are now painted to blend into the shingle colors, and also an apartment above the garage with a visible entrance door.  Right now the two entrance doors have white (yuck) storm doors, and unfortunately stick out like sore thumbs since nothing else is white around them, ergo the reason for the painting in the first place.  I just need to know if I should paint all the visible doors (except the garage car doors). Oh, and since these are storm doors (which will not be taken down in the summer since they have inserts) what about the "real" doors behind them.....paint the same or leave alone.  They are now paneled wooden doors.

Thank you so much for your help.


I do remember; great to hear from you.  First of all you know from our "conversations" that painting is the easiest, quickest and most economical way to totally change the appearance of anything, and that goes for your doors as well.

The simple answer is yes....paint all the doors the same color (for the most consistency) if you want the front door to command attention - then paint the other side doors in a complementary color.  As for the white storm doors, consider them as functional rather than decorative, and if the white bothers you, paint them too.  The easiest way to deal with the white door is to incorporate some "white" into the rest of the exterior.  That could be guttering/downspouts or simply trim around window facings.

And's only paint.

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