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My name is Anita, and I need your help.  I have an open floor plan living room, kitchen and dinning room.  The walls and the carpet is a cream to almost white color(which is throughout the whole house), so everything looks so white!  We have many windows which brings in a lot of light.  We have sheer white curtains on all the window, which makes everything look even whiter.  There is no color.  I need some help on what colors to paint my open floor plan. Can I paint the walls different colors?  Or, do I use only one color, since all the walls do come together, being that it is an open floor plan?  We bought a new sofa, loveseat and recliner, which is sage green and a coffee table and end tables which are a dark cherry wood color.  I would like to somehow use colors that will go with the furniture.  Also, I need help with window treatment. I am going for a modern/contemporary look, can you please help? I can send you some pictures of my living room, kitchen and dinning area, if this would help. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.  


Dear Anita,

Go ahead and send the pictures!  My email address is


Thanks you for the pictures.  Your home looks lovely.  Let's start with color.  A color that goes beautifully with sage is chocolate.  It is also the "it" color right now; and very modern looking.
Because you have an open floor plan you can't change wall colors from room to room but have you thought about wallpapering one of the walls?  Wallpaper doesn't have to be used on all the walls and some of the larger scale prints (great for a contemporary setting), can be used on a "feature wall" in conjunction with a complementary wall color.   Many wallpapers come with matching fabric which you can use for your window treatments.  Tab-top panels are great for a modern look.  You can then draw your color palette from the wallpaper you use.  One main color for the wall; one or two main colors for furniture and accessories; one or two colors for accent colors and trim color.  I would advise that you use the same trim color throughout the downstairs.
Start with the room you use the most, draw your color palette from the wallpaper (hopefully there will be sage and chocolate in the pattern).  I would paint the walls and the island contrasting colors so that the island stands out.  

The coffee table should be in front of the sofa and your bar stools should be the same style as your dining chairs (parsons for a more modern style).  

Anita, I can answer specific questions but I hesitate to give a general overview for all those rooms.  I hope, though, that I inspired you enough to help you go ahead and get a start with your decorating.  

Good luck with your decorating,

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