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Hello.  I am a young woman on a disability pension.  I live on my own, in a modest, one bedroom apartment.  As a housewarming gift, my parents bought me a beautiful couch and chair, which went with the safari theme I decided on for the living room(leopard print/green plants/pictures of safari animals etc).  Never was I so excited!

Than, I had an accident, and stained my beautiful couch!  It was a grease stain, and although we tryed everything from home remedies like cornstarch and vinegar, to professional stain remover, nothing worked!

Now, I have this horrible stain on the couch, but can not afford to go out and get a new one.  It is on the seat of the couch(center).  Is there a creative way that I can hide the stain, or make it appear less noticeable?  Also, any other suggestions on how to add to the safari theme, without spending a fortune?  The stain really bothers me, and has deterred me from continuing to fix up the living room.  I feel miserable, and embarassed to have friends over.  Please help!  Thanks so much.



Thanks for writing.  I'm so sorry to hear of the grease stain.  They truly are the worst kind.  Before you give up on getting the stain out, try one last thing:  K2R Spot Lifter.  It's available in the grocery stores, and comes in a small aerosol spray can.  It has succeeded in removing set in washed and ironed in stains for me.  You shake the can, spray a coating over the stain and allow it to dry completely before using the cap's built-in scrubber to "dust" away the powder residue along with (hopefully) the stain.  Before you treat the stain, put a soft white towel underneath the stained area (if you can get in there) to avoid soaking the internal structure.  

If that doesn't work, consider "flipping" your cushion(s).  If that isn't an option, purchase a solid color "throw" in either a dark brown, green or other shade that will match your animal print.  Leave it draped over the couch and you won't have to look at the stain.  

If all else fails, visit and look at some of their slip covers.  They truly are the best as well as the least expensive.  Use a dark shade and add throw pillows to the couch.

Don't give up, even on a modest budget we can work wonders.  Try finding a safari themed calendar, remove the photos and frame them in clear plexi-glass frames for your wall.  Voila! Instant art!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

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