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Our great room is 32x40 and includes a kitchen (partly walled off to create an entry area when you enter front door but open to main living/dining areas), a large dining room area (table/china cabinet), a music area (baby grand, music cabinet & old phonograph), and two seating areas.  We have two main seating areas because (1) the hallway opening to bedrooms/bath is in the middle of that area, (2) the fireplace is in one area and television and outdoor lake view is in the other, and (3) the area is too large to converse with one another, were the areas one big sitting area.  (There is a door on each side of the firstplace; no way to put TV next to it....too high to enjoy a "plasma" tv over it.)  

When you enter the front door, the piano area is on your right; along the wall on the right you then find a door to the office followed by the fireplace area, doorway to hall, and television sitting area.  The area to the left of the entrance is an opening to the kitchen which is open on the far end to the dining area...which is in the same open area as the seating areas, etc.  When you enter through the front door, you are facing a wall of glass (40' away) with a beautiful view of the trees/lake.

We are MOST blessed and thankful to get to live in this place!  It is a warm, inviting, and relaxing home to share with each other (my husband and me) and with others.  

My question, I guess, is obvious:  In a space of this type, do we need to showcase ONE focal point and play the other, natural competitors down.....or do we view each area as its own room and have MULTIPLE focal points in this room?  

Dear Vicki,
Don't worry about balancing multiple focal points in one room.  However, the spectacular view should take precedence.  Whichevre architectural point is the most dramatic will naturally dominate, but having more than one is not a problem.

Good luck with you decorating and enjoy your beautiful home,

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