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My problem is the following:My bf and I are having a baby and we moved in together..he has black leather couches in the living room. There is also a brick wall with a fireplace.The wall in front is a mirrow wall ( very 80's i know :( ) I'm just wondering what other colors are suggested to go in my living room if I have a black leather sofa and loveseat. I wanted to do something vivid and alive in the living room, especially because we live in Florida. I can't get rid of the couches cause i'm on a tight budget...please help. What colors should i paint the walls so i can bring some life into the house.? Any suggestions with the mirror wall? what can i fill it in with?

Hello May,
I'm interested in knowing the color of the brick! But I can still answer your questions.  Actually, the black couches can be pretty dramatic if you pull it all together.

The brick wall is key!  Use it to the max and place artwork on it.  Select a large piece that you LOVE first to get your theme and inspiration for the rest of the space.

The black sofa and loveseat can be complemented by a very chic and modern table.  Affordable tables can be found at Pier One.  Also, get a Pier One brochure for design ideas.  You will be happy to hear that your look is IN!  The black leather is back in, their LOFT ONE designs seems to fit perfectly with your description.

Abstract and modern art inspires and dominates the design.  Unusual shapes, metallic accents, woven textures, mod design floor rugs and spectacular drama are combined to give the LOFT ONE look its sophistication.  And this minimal look is easy to keep neat!

Also select your favorite colors from the art piece you purchase.  From that you've got a color palette.  Keep it dramatic with bold colors, yet find a neutral tone to complement any bold colors to act as the background canvas.  The black is the balance between all of the colors and also anchors the room.

The mirrored wall?  You can place frames on this wall as a major focal point for the room.  Why not dramatic black and white photos of yourself and your boyfriend.  Find Black frames that contrast against the mirror.  And then...when the baby comes, change out photos of your baby's growth. What a wonderful conversation wall that would be. Its all up to you and your creativity!  Go for it...

Have fun!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID

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