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Hi!  My husband and I are moving into a one bedroom apartment.  The kitchen has an open space that leads into the living room.  We have some red appliances for the kitchen, so I am thinking about painting the wall red of some sort.  For the living room, we have a tan couch and black and glass table tops as coffee and end tables.  The pillows for the couch are a seamist color.  In addition, we are putting our  computer desk in the living room, glass table top and silver legs.  Along one wall will be the couch and end tables and then we will include the desk on the side.  We have old colored vases of red, orange, and blue that we want to include in the living room.  Any suggestions on what color to paint the living room?  Should I change the color of the pillows on the couch?  If so, do you suggest a certain color?  Thank you for your time!


Well for the kitchen i dont think you should match the appliances in red i think you should maximize them if that is what you want to see like a nice tan color then when it comes to the living room to match couch and desk you should go with a focal point either the desk or the couch i am assuming the couch with accent pillows changed to reflect the kitchen appliances  So i would paint the living room a darker color to relect the nuetral change and flow.


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