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I have recently gotten new furniture in my home and also remodeled my kitchen and opened it up to the living room .  I am not sure how to make it all come together.  I like antiques, flea market finds and have country style, however the sofa I picked out has more of a contemperary feel to it.  I thought I was being smart by chosing a sofa that was pretty neutral in color so I could decorate with other colors like burgundy, terra cotta other colors, however I am beginning to think that I have made a big mistake as I can not seem to make it all blend.  I am attaching some photos and I am in need of paint colors for my entry and living room as well as any ideas for accessories etc.  The rug in the pic can be exchanged or returned just purchased it but am not sure if it is right either maybe too bright.


Thanks for writing and for your question.  First of all, you did exactly the right thing in getting a neutral sofa for the space.  You can do so much more - decoratively - with a neutral sofa.  Here are a couple of suggestions after quickly reviewing your photos (thanks by the way).  First of all you have a lot of solids - floor, countertops, woods and the pattern that jumped out at me was the plaid on the wall.  You need to add more pattern now through accessories like pillows, throws, curtains, drapes etc.  Mimic the wall pattern on the couch through pillows.  Check your local fabric store/flea market for vintage fabrics and cover a couple of pillows with them to toss on your couch.  

You've selected a good color palette with burgandy and terra cotta.  You can add color that's autumnal in nature to that mix with great results (forest green, sage green, gold, flax, browns etc.)  Stick with the jewel tones and you won't go wrong.  

Lastly, color for your walls.  To enhance the autumn/jewel shades, use a taupe color for the walls.  It will enliven the space, enhance the colors and is a great neutral background.  


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