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Hi Jenny!

Thanks so much for the great ideas!  I think your storage idea will work GREAT in our room!  One other question though.  How would you suggest we paint this type of room?  I'm at a loss at what to do with the slanted ceiling.  At the present, the walls and ceiling are the same color (creme) and the trim is white.  Both my husband and I like bold colors, for example, our living room is dark brown with light brown trim, our office is "library red" and our kitchen is bright yellow.  I'd like the bedroom to be warm and inviting but also romantic (even though we do have a tv in there...haha).

Thanks again!

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Hi Jenny!

I'm looking for some suggestions on how to decorate my bedroom.  I live in a one and a half storey heritage home (1911).  The two bedrooms are upstairs and are not very big.  The master bedroom is approximately 12x14 and the second bedroom is about 10x12.  I'm not too concerned about decorating the second bedroom but the master bedroom is a pretty sad sight!  The original fir flooring is still in place but the previous owners painted it a shiny dark brown.
We considered stripping it and refinishing it but we had a contractor suggest against that idea.  Because the home is a one and a half storey the second level has "dead space" on each side which means the two side walls slant upwards to the ceiling. There is a small section of the ceiling that is flat and the rest is slanted.  This makes it very limiting on the type of furniture, such as dressers, we can have in the room.  The closet, if you can call it that, is extremely small and I have to keep my wardrobe in the other room.  We also have no linen closet so I have to keep my linen in an armoire that i have in the second bedroom.  This arrangement will also have to change within the next few years as we will be starting a family.  As for furniture, we have a queen size bed with an antique headboard, two antique night tables, a highboy style dresser and a TV stand with TV.  Any suggestions you may have on how we can make our bedroom more elegant and romantic would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for writing and for your questions.  I'd probably start by adding storage (low storage) along both walls in the form of shelves and drawers.  You'll probably need a pretty handy carpenter to do it, but it could serve as a "bench" seat on top with storage underneath.  That eliminates your height problem and adds ample storage.

If you have a window in the room, treat it as if it runs floor to ceiling by hanging your window treatment as close to the ceiling as possible, and draping the fabric all the way to the floor.  For some added light, you may want to add a floor to ceiling panel of glass on either side of the window, thus making it appear to be a "bay" rather than a single dormer window.  If you do that, dress it as though it were part of the window by extending your rods overtop the mirror and draping the fabric on either side.

I'd also get rid of the television stand.  If you do build-ins on either side, build one of the units large enough (heightwise) to accomodate the tv.  I'd also make sure the storage is covered with doors or drawers so that visually all this "stuff" can go away.

Hopefully this will help you.


You definitely need color in your bedroom.  Consider painting walls in a shade of eggplant (purple-ish) with crisp white trim.  It's in the red family (not the blue) and is often called "aubergine".  Red as you know is a sexy color and the crisp white trim will make the room "pop".  I'd paint the ceilings too - not white, just a few shades lighter than the aubergine or a warm taupe.

Eggplant/aubergine looks great with:  sage, pale pale blue, taupe, celery green etc.  


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