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Question -
Our flat in the city is a compact one with dimension of 10 x 15 sqfeet of living room and 10x10 sqft bed room. Can u suggest some good ideas for interior decor. We have  a son 10 years old.
The entrance of the house is facing south.
Expecting ur early reply. Thanking you.

Answer -
Before I start, I want to confirm that your son doesn't have a bedrm of his own? There is only one bedrm? If so, where is he sleeping now, in your bedrm or in the livingrm?

Thanks, Ben

Thank you for the quick response. Right now he is sleeping in the living room. We also have to accomodate a dining table in the room as well.(I could not sent the plan of the house as an attachment though I tried to do so).  


Thanks for your response. Well, Iam going to just go through some typical design ideas such as color, and furniture placement and after reading you can let me know if you need more input on a certian subject.

Lets start with colors. Sense this is an urban dwelling, promote that style and keep with cool colors on the walls, white wood work, and dark accent colors. This will make the flat feels more open and clean. Popular urban colors right now are baby blues, tealish greens, light creams, browns and black. Go to any furniture store in the city and look at there "loft section" and you will see what I am talking about!

As far as furniture, keep with straight lined, more modern and simple pieces. This will give you a true urban feeling as well as alow more room.

Some other ideas, keep window treatments straight (hang drapery straight verticaly from window to floor) This will add hight to the room as well. Also, use screen dividers in the livingrm if you need to create a private space for your son. Use the couch with a sofa table in the back of it as a room divider inbetween the main living area and the eating area where the table will go. Pull a chair up to the sofa table and it can double as a writting desk.
If you are redoing flooring, go with a nice dark shinny hardwood. Another trick to make the pace feel larger with the lighter walls.

I hope this has helped. As always, I encourage you to send pictures to: when the project is completed.

Thanks again, Ben

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