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Our home was built in 2001. The builder used a light almond color for the walls and white chip for the trim. Well, it is time to paint. I started in my downstairs half bath with an Brand Semi Gloss - Thyme Greem with Almond Paste for the trim. My problem is I dont know where to start and stop painting the rest of my house. I want to add color to these boring walls. My entry way leads into my kitchen and my kitchen flows into my den. Do I use the same color in my entry way throughout my kitchen? My decor is mostly tropical - I love palm trees and the colors that go along with that theme. Greens, Browns, basically warm colors.  My formal living room and dining room basically run together but are divided by columns on both sides. Would I use the same color for both of those rooms? How many different colors do you suggest using when painting? Should I use the same color of paint for all of my trim thoughout my whole house? Thank you very much for your help.

You can start and stop paint colors at any corner, or at any natural stopping point on a wall.  That could be wood trim, specialty moldings etc.

Your entry leading into your kitchen can be one color, while your kitchen can be another, and your den can be another.  You just need to carefully select paint colors that "flow" with one another; i.e., they need to make color sense when paired together.  

Your living room and dining room can be different colors with the dividing point being the "columns" and/or header or archway that may accompany the columns.  Again, they should blend and certainly can be the same, but they do not have to be.  

Greens, browns, blues all work well together.  As you consider colors, (since you expressed interest in tropical scenes) think about the color of sand.  It's really a taupe.  Palm trees have brown trunks, green leaves of varying shades and they are set against a pale blue sky.  Sunsets in tropical areas are vivid colors of yellows, deeper blues, salmon and white.  

Now to your trim.  Typically all trim is the same throughout.  It's not a hard and fast rule, just the way things are normally done.  I'd say you could change it if you want to do that with the caveat being that if you ever plan to put your home on the market, you should make all the trim colors the same before you list it.  

As for number of colors, I prefer working in 3's.  That can mean 3 different colors and within that, I've used varying hues of the 3 different colors for effect.  For instance, let's say you wanted to use a medium green in your living room.  I'd use a paler shade of the same in the dining room.  

Hope this helps you!


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