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My husband and I just bought a house and we love it. But now I would like painting to make it more homey. The dilemma that I have is that our bedroom is cinder block walls. It feels like a school room or prison. I've got some ideas but thought I would get designer's advice before I start. I'm open to anything. Thanks for your time!


Congratulations to the new house. I can very well understand that the feeling of school or prison is not something you want in the bedroom. The most straight forward solution is to putty the walls and then paint them in a colour you like. I would however like to suggest another solution which involves fabric. Hang three panel curtains on the wall. Ideally the curtains are 80-90 cm wide and hang with a distance of 20 cm between. This way you can change the impression of the room with season, mood or when you just feel like it.

Best of luck!

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