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Hello! I have a large den that I'd like to set up as playroom for my 3 kids (1,4 and 7). My biggest dilemma is storage. How can I neatly store their toys so they look great, but are easy to reach and to put away?  Besides storage, could you please suggest any decoration idea (for 2 boys and 1 girl)? A theme? Thank you very much!

Hi Lilian,

Thanks for writing.  Storage is a huge issue for all of us.  If you create a storage bin for each child -- one red, one green and one blue -- each child (except of course the one year old) can be responsible for putting their toys in their own (colored) box. These "crate-like" storage boxes are available at all the larger discount stores and are "open" enough that you can actually see what's in them from the outside.  This also allows them to be hung on the wall as opposed to sitting in the floor.    Place "L" brackets at the child's appropriate height along one wall and designate that as the spot for their box to go.  (Hanging them on L brackets at different heights further defines who's box is who's, and adds a nice jolt of color!)  If one for each isn't enough, use get the point.  

Taking the color cues for the room from the boxes, decorate one wall in ABC's, one wall in a sport's theme and the last wall in something whimsical like a doll house and a long winding road painted on the wall.  You can find great ideas in kid's coloring books, enlarge them at your local Kinko's or other copy stores and literally place the enlarged piece on the wall for instant art or instant decor idea.    Perhaps the kids could help you paint one of the enlargements.  They'll take great pride in having it in their playroom.

Don't forget the inexpensive rugs that are available for driving trucks and cars down winding roads.  Little fingers LOVE to do that, and with 2 boys, I'll bet you have a few vehicles that could travel on that path.

Another idea is to designate one wall as a "chalkboard".  You can purchase chalkboard paint at your local home improvement store and create a wall that the kids can draw on!

Hope this spurs on your own creative juices.


PS:  You may want to use the storage bin idea in their bedrooms as well.  They're great for skates, helmets etc. and easy for a child to just "drop it in".

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