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My husband and I recently ventured out and painted our kitchen a Caribbean ocean blue.  Our floor is hardwood and our cabinet are also wood.  We have stainless steel appliances.  My question to you is we want to add some decor to the top of our cabinet.  Please give us some suggestions.  


Thanks for writing.  If you're talking about the space between cabinet top and ceiling add some plants and allow them to cascade over.  If you're talking about adding something to your countertops, then consider adding some potted herbs in matching pots (a bright sunny yellow or even a golden shade would be nice) and some additional accessory items in the same color.  Red would be a great combination here as would celedon green.  Accessories should be "large and few" rather than small and lots.  More here is less.  You can add some texture and color with kitchen towels, utensils and cutting boards.  

Hope this is what you were after.  If not, write back and we'll try this again!


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